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We are providing work permit opportunity /Securing a work permit invitation for clients in selected European Countries.

  • Norway – Schengen
  • –  Germany – Schengen
  • –  Portugal – Schengen
  • –  Czech Republic – Schengen
  • –  Lithuania – Schengen
  • –  Malta – Schengen
  • –  Poland – Schengen
  • –  France – Schengen
  • –  Hungary – Schengen
  • –  Romania
  • –  Estonia – Schengen
  • –  Croatia
  • –  Serbia
  • –  Albania
  • –  Montenegro
  • –  Bulgaria

Work permits with minimum one year contract for “blue Collar” jobs extendable for another year.

Accommodation generally provided by the company. Medical insurance as provided by the company. Air tickets fare will be reimbursed after three months of employment.

A copy of the passport together with updated CV required – to check eligibility.

  •  Must be at least over 18 years and below 55 years.
  •  Experience in the job applied for will be highly desirable.
  • Initially you will have to pay 50% of the agreed fee.
  • Then the balance 50% to be paid upon the approval of the work permit. – this will be communicated to the company by its representative lawyer in the country applied. The company upon receiving the payments will send to the client snap shots/ photos of the approved work permit – no pdf will be given.
  • Balance will be required before handing over the documents to DHL by the company. Company upon receiving the payments will provide the client with the tracking number to the client.
  •  job offer letter.
  •  Employment contract.
  •  Accommodation certificate.
  •  Tenancy agreement.
  •  Declaration authority letter.
  •  Embassy reference letter.

(depending of the country the above list could change)


Some countries’ immigration authorities will require the client to submit a police report from the client’s country of origin while the work – permit is being processed. In such event the client shall immediately submit such document to the company so that the work permit process is expedited. The company bears no responsibility for any delay in processes or even for any possible rejection of application which could result due to client’s negligence in obtaining such clearance.

Process of obtaining the wok permit will take maximum 120 days. – however, our experience is that we receive the documents earlier than that.

It is not the engagement of the company to get the visa stamped for the client. Client is required to follow the guidelines from the embassy and submit the other required documents as per the embassy instructions.

However, the company on request may provided guiding hand for the client. But it is the total responsibility of the client to see that the requirements are satisfied.

Visa process will have to be done externally and on request guidance will be given

by the company.

  •  You need to book tickets and land in the country you obtained employment.
  •  You will be received by a representative of the employer at the airport.
  • The work permit is an extendable one solely depends on the employer – employee relationship.
    If you can work out a solution to stay and secure a PR in a desired European country if you act smart.
  •  You also can secure a different employment opportunity depending on the professional skill you possess.